May. 25th, 2016

lionkingcmsl: (Trained lion)
About a month ago I applied for a position at Icom America. They are a 2-way radio outfit, which, as so happens, Amtrak has started using their products. As I did not hear from them I thought my prospects of a job were dead and buried.

Fast forward to last night when I check my e-mail and there is one from Icom, stating they wanted to do a phone screen of my abilities and experience.
Well at 5:30p local I get a phone call from then that lasted about a half-hour. I think I gave good answers to the question posed to me.

It was stated that she, the interviewer, who is located in Kirkland, WA, would forward her notes to the proper parties and if they want to go further they will schedule a Skype interview.

Also I applied for a conductor's position at Norfolk Southern out of Philly. One thing I did was re-do my resume, as I sent the wrong one in before, which I believe stopped me from getting a position before.

So with 2 apps in at Amtrak, Icom seemingly interested and now an app in at NS, maybe I can finally land a job.

Now to keep gas in Dave's truck. :=/

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