Jul. 21st, 2016

lionkingcmsl: (Trained lion)
Well, that was interesting.

As I had posted earlier yesterday I had to go to Philadelphia to a NS hiring session, to which I was invited.

I was dressed in a suit, arrived in plenty of time and had everything ready.

We, 22 of us, sat through a presentation about NS and what we could expect being a conductor.

After a short break we took a 88 question test that was timed. I finished in plenty of time, and then waited for a list of people that they wanted to interview to be posted. While there I met a gentleman who used to work for Amtrak at Sunnyside Yard and he remembered me. I also met a couple other railroaders, so it was interesting to trade stories.

Well the list was posted and can you guess who was *not* on the list of ten people they wanted to interview. If you guessed me, you are correct; so it is back to square one as of right now.

Before you ask, they do not tell you why you were not selected. :=/

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