May. 28th, 2016 06:57 pm
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I just read that a close friend, JBadger, passed away this morning from cancer.

We knew it was coming, as he has been sick for a long while now. This is not welcome news after attending my uncle's funeral yesterday morning.

I will miss him, and make him discombobulated by mimicking his speech with a puppet. He was a fun guy to be around, and always took the ribbing good naturedly.

For you, J, "Badger badger badger" ... poke, poke, poke.

I will definitely miss his laugh.
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About a month ago I applied for a position at Icom America. They are a 2-way radio outfit, which, as so happens, Amtrak has started using their products. As I did not hear from them I thought my prospects of a job were dead and buried.

Fast forward to last night when I check my e-mail and there is one from Icom, stating they wanted to do a phone screen of my abilities and experience.
Well at 5:30p local I get a phone call from then that lasted about a half-hour. I think I gave good answers to the question posed to me.

It was stated that she, the interviewer, who is located in Kirkland, WA, would forward her notes to the proper parties and if they want to go further they will schedule a Skype interview.

Also I applied for a conductor's position at Norfolk Southern out of Philly. One thing I did was re-do my resume, as I sent the wrong one in before, which I believe stopped me from getting a position before.

So with 2 apps in at Amtrak, Icom seemingly interested and now an app in at NS, maybe I can finally land a job.

Now to keep gas in Dave's truck. :=/
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I found out this morning that I'm out of voice minutes on my phone. They won't reset until June 3rd. I can buy more time if I had money. Of course I need the minutes to hear from any jobs.

Also no word from any jobs.

One bright spot is that I can get my truck back if I pay it off by May 25th. Like that will happen as I will need ~$15K to do that. :=/

Is it no wonder that I feel that I'm actively being blocked from getting a job or I am being punished for something.
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Well, it looks like the truck is gone for good. :=(
It was such a nice truck too.

I do want to thank everyone who has helped me in trying to keep the truck. I cannot find words to express my gratitude.

One bit of good news is the [livejournal.com profile] u_t_tiger has lent me his pickup for an extended period of time. He even ran me around yesterday to those places I wanted to put applications in.

So a great big thanks to Underwater Tiger is in order.
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Last night my truck was repossessed. :={

Ironic thing is that I had lined up 3 places to visit this morning to try to land a job. :=/

I called the finance company and I need $2500 in 24 hours to get my truck back.

I know a lot of you have helped out before, so I'm not asking for money, but I would like to get my truck back.
I will be calling the towing company to see if they will hold the truck until Monday so that possibly I can get the money together.

Other than that is there anyone local to me that has a spare vehicle I can borrow for an extended time. As I really need a job and I do have a few irons in the fire at this time, one with Amtrak.
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to a close friend Camstone Fox.

Hope you have a good day, despite the weather. :=3


May. 5th, 2016 08:02 pm
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First, thanks to all that sent me money for gas. It really did help. :=3

Well, the interview didn't happen on Wednesday, as the interviewer had an emergency he had to take care of. So the interview was rescheduled for today.

I arrived an hour early, for as they say in the railroad industry: If you're on time you're late, but if you're early you're on time.

The UPS people seemed glad to hear me say that, as they hold on-time performance as a religion.

The interviewer is a fellow model railroader and we hit it off pretty good. This location is one of their freight centers, so no little brown trucks, but semi box vans. He explained about the hours and needing forklift experience. I told him the hours won't bother me and I used to run forklifts at a couple of other jobs. He seemed apologetic about the pay they were offering, $12.00/hour to start and that it was no where near my old salary. I quipped it is better than what I'm making now, nothing per hour.

He said they want to hire three people and they would get back to me next week or so.

This means I'm still in a holding pattern. :=/
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The good news is that I have an interview with UPS, as a dock worker in Pennsauken, tomorrow at 1pm. It starts out at 5 hours a day, 3a to 8a, but it is better than nothing.

The bad news is that I need gas money to get to the interview.

If you want to send money via PayPal use lionking@snip.net for the addy.

I hope everything works out.
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1. I had an interview today for a job in Vineland, that's 2.5 miles from my house. It is a temp to perm job. I feel I gave a good interview, but I'm not counting my chicks before they're hatched.

2. If it seems I'm out off touch more often than usual, my power was shut off, due to lack of payment. I thought social services were taking care of that, but apparently not. The service man who killed the power said he has heard that statement a lot.
I'm not asking for money, just stating facts. I'm going to get in touch with social services to see what can be done to get my power restored.
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by LionkingCMSL on DeviantArt

This one has been on the hard drive for a while.

A wolfess examining an old research office.
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Well 3 inches at various spots.

I can't wait until it is finally warm enough to keep the windows open for days at a time, and at night too.
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While playing with the trial version of Vue 2015 Complete I decided to re-render this scene in Vue. The previous renders were done in Poser.

I think the render is more accurate. The lighting is coming from the ceiling panels only; there are no other lights.

I would like to read your thoughts on this render.

Rendered in Broadcast mode and 300dpi.

And snow at 1:20p on the 9th of April in south Jersey?
Photographic proof:

Okay, enough with winter already!
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First off thank you to all that have helped me.

I did not get the full amount, I was still shy by about $220, but I called the finance company this morning and put a "band-aid" on the problem and got a 30 day reprieve.

I'm still not out of the woods yet, but I think the woods are thinning out.

Prayers are still welcome at this point.
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I just got a call from the finance company that I need ~$550 to keep my truck by tomorrow morning!

If you can help please use PayPal with the addy lionking at snip.net.

I do thank all that have helped me in the past and understand if you are unable to help me now, for whatever reason.
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Well, as measured in 3 different places: 12"

As I have a large open back yard with no obstructions I can get a fairly accurate measurement, as there is nothing for the snow to drift against, nor obstruct the wind, so it is a fairly level "snow field".

Here is a picture I took last evening of my signals in the snow:

There is no post processing so I do not know why it came out so blue.

I tried to get a picture of the snow in the beam of the searchlight signal and the ones I took did not come out so well. I didn't want to stand there with a tripod and do a timed exposure, but I think this one came out pretty neat:
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While the three lamp assemblies in the previous photo were not repainted, they were cleaned up and new screws/bolts used where needed. To show how complicated one of these things really is I present one of the lamp assemblies disassembled. This is one I'm in the process of totally restoring.

Front left to right we have the mounting bracket that holds the PLA (Position Light Assembly) to the spider. Note that it has a ball and socket joint to the PLA, and a hole through the middle of the socket. The joint allows precise aiming of each PLA, while the hole allows the wiring to pass through it and into a hole on the spider arm. Also the bracket has holes on 45 degree angles to allow the same bracket to be angled for each arm position.

Here is a view of the socket joint showing the hole through the center and holes around the perimeter:

Next are two of the 4 bolts that hold the bracket to the main casting. Interesting to note that all screws and bolts, except those for the bracket clamp, are brass. I guess that was done so the screws/bolts didn't rust to the main casting. Next is the main casting or body. It is all one big casting except for an aluminum vent screen at the bottom. this piece weighs about 15 lbs by itself. Above the main casting is one of the side panels. It is interesting to note that the wing "bolts" are cast iron, the only other non brass fasteners on the signal.

Below the main casting we have the other side panel, the lamp housing/reflector/terminal strip assembly. Note that the bulb faces away from the front of the unit and towards the reflector. And next we have the bulb. While an 1156 light bulb does work, they were originally equipped with 20S11 Philips 10V light bulbs, with the resistor in the relay cabinet. Yes, you can still buy the same bulbs from Philips. Next up is the "Phankill" unit. This is used to avoid a "false indication" from appearing. That would be when a locomotive's headlight or the sun would shine through the lens assembly and give the appearance that the lamp was lit, when it was not. The "Phankill", short for "Phantom aspect Killer", allows only direct light from the bulb and reflector to shine through.

In front of the main casting we have a lens to focus the beam. This lens is mounted at an angle to the Z axis of the reflector, something like this "\" (top angled towards the bulb), to also eliminate phantom aspects.There is a definite top and front to this lens for that reason. In front of that we have the retainer ring for that lens which is also the stop for the "fog penetrating yellow" lens. This lemon yellow color was chosen as it is more easily seen through dense fog. In front of that lens we have the end cap and bracket for the 15" long visor.

The mounting bracket, main casting, side panels and both retaining rings are cast iron, so you can see that it is not a light weight unit.

I hope this explains how a simple looking railroad signal is actually a very complicated item.

When I do my restoration I "chase" out all the threads with the proper tap.

The signal was made by Union Switch and Signal (US&S), and was probably made in the 1940s.
The photos were taken in my living room. :=3
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I had mentioned previously that I had wired up three light assemblies from a Position Light Signal, and they were stacked on the corner of my deck's railing.

The thing is they were balanced somewhat precariously, as the 1.5" PVC pipe was holding them in line and preventing them from going over backward. However it did not have enough mass to keep them from falling off the front of the railing. This was something I was concerned about, as the hood on each assembly is 15 inches long and good snowfall would have enough weight to move the balance point too far forward and then they would tumble ~5 feet to the ground. Something I did not want to happen.

While it was not on my list of things to do yesterday, I located a 5 foot length of pressure treated 4x4 in my scrap pile and proceeded to plant it in front of the deck.

So now the signal looks like this:

I had wanted to mount the "spider", the black thing in the background, that would allow me to mount all 7 lamps, but I did not have large enough bolts and it would have put the bottom lamp to close to the ground. I also realized later that the target, or background, would've protruded into the driveway.

I took off the lower lamp hoods as you could not really see the lights with them on.

As you can see in the picture it is snowing today, at last. :=3
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Most of you know I had mounted my searchlight signal to the newel post of my front deck and it was resting on the bottom step.

This bothered me for a couple of reasons. It was not really mounted as balanced; the newel post was not designed to hold something of that weight and it was a tripping hazard.

Back in late November or so I had "planted" the section of mast I had and was in the process of mounting the signal correctly. This stalled as just the case and bracket probably weigh in the 150lb (68kg) range and I could not lift the signal to its proper height and put the bolts in by myself.

This languished until yesterday when I called a buddy and he agreed to stop by and help me with the install.

With much heaving and groaning we got it installed and here is the result:

Which looks a damn sight better than this:

So now my searchlight signal is in its proper place on a mast. I still need to do some clean up and dress the wires properly, but the heavy work is done. :=3

Tapped out

Dec. 29th, 2015 01:23 pm
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Well, it looks like the end of the truck.

The loan company wants ~$200 for Nov. payment, I need $550 for Dec.'s payment and then Jan.'s will be due.
I also need new tires for the front; ~$100 will get me good used ones.

When the loan company calls again I'm going to tell them to send a tow truck.

It is a nice truck, but with no income I can't keep it. :=/

I'm not asking for money, just stating facts, as you have all given me much more than I can ever repay or expect.
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I went shopping today and picked up a can of Cream of Potato soup, thinking I had used one, which I did not. Point of interest is that I like to keep 2 cans of different soups on paw at all times, except for my "soup bases", which are Beef Bullion, Chicken Bullion and Tomato soup. With those three "bases" I keep three cans on paw at all times. The three Tomato soups are in addition to the two cans I keep normally. My soup section is pretty full. :=3

I had some boneless chicken breasts, with rib meat, defrosted in the refrigerator, so I decided to combine the two.

Into a small casserole I emptied the soup and one can of water. I then laid one chicken breast in the soup and added one medium carrot, sliced, and some fresh onion rings.

I put it into a preheated 375deg oven for 45 minutes.

Result: Very tasty if a bit too soupy. Next time I'd only use half a can of water. A grind of fresh pepper on top was the finishing touch.
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