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Well, thank you everyone for the well wishes. :=3

I wish it would be a happier birthday, but, as most of you know, I am now unemployed, by my own paw.

For those that don't know I left Amtrak back on July 11th. Part of the reason was PCD after AC2014; some of it was my frustration of an on-going dispute with one manager, and mostly, I believe, job burn-out due to the commute and lack of variety during the day.

Regarding the job burn-out issues more than one person has stated they did not know how I did the commute for as long as I did, and they were not really surprised that I was burnt out.

I have applied for jobs, but no return phone calls as of yet. The bank called about Sept.'s payment on the truck and I told them I hope to be no more than 30 days late with it, as I was unemployed at the present time. I also told the woman, "I made an obligation to make payments on the truck. And I will do so when I have the money. Me not having a job is not your problem nor (bank name)'s problem. It is my problem." I think she was shocked that I saw things like that and I was not angry with her trying to find out when they could expect payment. Hey, those people have a hard enough time with most people, when they are trying to do their job. I understand they have a job to do and I will not get angry with them doing it, especially if I am the cause of the problem.

Later today [ profile] mooncat and her hubby will be taking me out to Cap'n Cats for my birthday dinner. A pleasant surprise. :=3

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