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Code Name: Hunter
by ~LionkingCMSL on deviantART

A re-render of Max, from Code Name: Hunter, in an alley, about to put some serious hurt on a dangerous creature.

There are only two actual lights, one from a street light and a fill light, lighting the scene. The "Open" sign, arrow and light above the door are "light emitting objects".

Code Name: Hunter and Max are copyright Darcy and Matt Sowers.

Poser Pro 2012
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Foggy walk home
by *LionkingCMSL on deviantART

Max and Ruby walking home on a typical foggy London night.

Ruby and Max Copyright Darc and Matt Sowers and are from the comic Code Name: Hunter

Poser Pro 2012 and Vue 10
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Max in Panavision
by *LionkingCMSL on deviantART

Here is Max from Code Name: Hunter, fighting in a back alley at night.

This is presented in a "Panavision" format, so it gives you an idea of how he would look on the silver screen.

Poser 8 and Vue 9 Espirit.
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This time of a generic cat guardian. :=3

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here is a render of a generic hound mage, who is very unhappy, casting a spell.

Everything was done in Poser 6.

The hound is actually Wolfgang, but the wolf is generic enough for a dog. The spell is a high res ball, cone and cylinder with the material being "Stained glass" with the reflections turned off.
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Code Name: Hunter.

I got a copy of CN:H at AC and got hooked.

So here is a render of Ruby:

She was done using Poser 6 and Lemurtek's Second Nature Series' Constanze. She a wolfess, so the tail isn't quite right and the facial fur maybe wrong also. The hair is from Little Dragon's Furrette 2, while the gun is a "Ladysmith".

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