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As many of you know I spend time playing Minecraft.

I tend to spend a lot of time in the "Creative" mode building different things. I end up building a lot of roads and bridges. I try to be as accurate as possible, to the point I even put a fender system and nav lights around some of the piers in open water. Have to keep the boaters and Coast Guard happy. :=3

When I got done building one of my last bridges, it dawned on me it was way too narrow; as the path only being 1 meter wide. The blocks are 1 cubic meter in size.

To that end I built three different full size roadways to show how wide they really should be.
Here is a pic of the 4 lane divided highway bridge, with no shoulders:

As you can see I even put in the lane control gantry. :=3
The lanes are 4 meters wide, which is ~13'-1.5", and this is a tad wider than the U.S. recommended 12' width for such lanes. The sidewalks are 1 meter wide. In the background you can see one of my bridges.:=3

I also have a prototype 2 lane tunnel under construction, to show how large they really are.

After seeing how much better the proper width roads looked I decided to widen my bridges and paths. Not to a full 2 lane road, but to a 3 meter wide path, which is a little wider than the suggested 8' ROW (right-of-way) for such paths.

Here is a shot of the original 1 meter wide bridge:

and, looking in the opposite direction, the revised 3 meter wide bridge:

I do think the wider bridge looks better. I am now thinking of replacing the solid guardrails with decorative iron railings.

Let me know what you think.:=3

I just spent some time building a 42 meter length of 4 lane bridge in my flat SSP world:

It was built using what I knew of the dimensions and the limitations of Minecraft. The 20 meter spacing of the bents (piers) is about right as is the height of the girders; they would be about 1 meter tall. The height of the lane control gantry was based on a 1 meter block being a tad over 3', which it is. :=3

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