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All 25 demo decks have arrived from CGaC.
Demo decks

So I'll be holding, setting up demos in local gaming stores in the near future.
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Here is a quickie game play video I did:

Granted it is not as polished I would like it to be, but I think it is good enough.
Hard to do when you are the only one around. :=/

In the background you can see the new banner and I'm wearing the hat and shirt.

And now ...

Mar. 6th, 2014 09:55 am
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the Radar Control FaceBook page is active:
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I broke down and got a Twitter account for the game: RadarControlGam

So, if you use Twitter, please add that and spread the word.

Do not expect to see personal stuff on there.
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To increase my chances of raising the needed funds I also am doing an IndieGogo campaign here: .

I screwed up and made it fixed funding rather than flexible funding. so it is an all or nothing deal, like KickStarter. :=/

I also added another stretch goal for $100.At that level you get not only a signed deck, but a limited edition hat. :=3
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I going to try a different site to crowd source the game.

This time it is .

I have included some of the artwork, and included more stretch goals.
I also upped the goal to $20,000 and set the limit to 60 days.

One of the differences between this site and KickStarter is that I get the money pledged, even if I don't make my goal.

So, pass the word.
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My brother, who did the artwork, called me to ask if I had received the proof deck yet. The answer was no, as I should get it tomorrow, Friday.

I told him what I had posted and I was feeling frustrated.
He said, "Don, you have gone further than 95% of the people do when they have an idea. Even with the hotel, you have gone further. You have taken steps to make your dreams reality. Do not give up. Make it work."

He also told me that printing cost rang true with him, as he has to deal with printers in his day job, a catalog manager for a restaurant supply house: Franklin Machine Products or FMP.

I had to agree with him on his assessment of my progress. Even with the hotel I formed the company, drew up basic plans, did preliminary renders, and have a rock solid business plan. Not many people go that far with a long shot idea.

So, unlike Ralph and Fred, at least I get my projects started to the point where they can become reality.

BTW, I do have another idea that I have been sitting on for close to 20 years, but that idea requires a factory to mass produce cast/machined parts. This is one idea that the "Shark Tank" would probably go for, but I need to get a prototype built first.

On another note, I received all the official documentation for the company, including the company seal, today. So, Lion Games, LLC is officially official. :=3
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Like those two fictional characters I have ideas to make money, though not as pie in the sky as Ralph or Fred. And like them my ideas seem to fall apart, even though I'm doing my best to make it work.

Latest example is the card game. I received the cost, to me, per deck for the game.

I hope you are sitting down:
100 decks @ $18.00 each
250 decks @ $14.00 each
Freight is extra.

I had thought the game would cost me between $8 an $10 per deck. I was going to wholesale them at $12 and retail them at $20 per deck so the retailer could make his 40%. To do the same thing now the game would run ~$27 per deck retail, and there is no way anyone is going to pay that price for a card game. :={

I'm still going to have the 25 demo decks made and get 100 production decks made, but I cannot put them into stores and make a profit.

Kickstarter was a bust; partially my fault, but I'm going to give Indegogo a try and see if I can raise some money that way to buy more decks to keep my costs down.

In other news the paper work to make Lion Games, LLC has been sent to the State of Mass Confusion ,,,, er, New Jersey. I did a quick check and there is still no company called Lion Games officially registered in NJ.
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Banner for game
by LionkingCMSL on deviantART

Here is the banner for the game that will be at various cons.
Full size it measures 24" wide x 80" tall.

Artwork Copyright 2014 Karl Miller
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I've submitted a request to hold demo/promo gaming sessions of the game at AC. :=3
I noted I would like the session to be held Saturday afternoon, after the parade, and Sunday morning at 10a. Each session is scheduled to last 2 hours and you can join in the middle of a session. I will have evaluation sheet available so you can let me know what you think of the game.

I am also buying a retractable 24"x80" banner for the game to display at the sessions and behind the Gneech's table, so you know where to buy it. The artwork for the banner is eye grabbing and professionally done.

I have also ordered hats and t-shirts that prominently display the card back artwork. I will be wearing same at the con. :=3

So I hope to see some of you at these sessions. :=3
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Radar Control box mock up
by LionkingCMSL on deviantART

This is a mock up of the box, using copier paper, for my game, Radar Control.

All the artwork has been finalized and the first proof deck is only days away. :=3

I'll post a better quality picture of the box and the deck when I get the proof deck in.

Box artwork Copyright 2014 Karl Miller
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will be printed and shipped in the next few days! :=3

There was some confusion on card sizes, but they have been straightened out. While I am slightly annoyed about that I realize that may not be all that uncommon with new products.

I have to publicly thank Jack Saltzman of Chicago Game and Card for help and patience in getting me through the birth pangs of this game.

My brother, Karl, has also come through in a big way and I believe he has hit a "home run" with the box design.

The next steps are to check the proof deck out and okay the printing of 25 demo decks and getting Lion Games, LLC up and running.

Once I'm happy with the 25 demo decks I will order at least 100 production decks. Be sure to look for them at AC2014 to be sold at [ profile] the_gneech's table. :=3
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I just received the invoice from Chicago Game and Card for 50% of the cost to print up the demo decks! :=3

Once I get the proof and am satisfied with it I pay the rest and shipping.

So a game that has been on the back burner since 2003 is going to become reality. :=3

As I do the happy lion dance!
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Well, my brother sent me the final artwork and that has been shipped off to the printer. I have increased my demo pack order from 10 to 25.

The website f0r the game is live, but I'm not taking any orders of as yet.

I have designed to counter top signs for gaming stores so people can try the game. I am also looking to have a banner or larger sign made for cons.

I am in the process of starting a new company; Lion Games, LLC, to handle the financial aspects of the game. In looking up some information I realized that I needed more items to have the game produced and sold, like an UPC number.

I plan to have the games in production by the summer and hopefully by AC2014. At AC I hope to hold some demo games and to have decks available for sale.

Also, I don't think the KickStarter is going to come through, so this will be done all on my dime. I also have an idea on how to make the game mechanics work for railroad dispatch centers and to have a 11"x17" play mat produced for the game as an extra. Price per deck will retail for $20US, about the same as Fluxx, which is a similarly sized game.
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I just launched the KickStarter for Radar Control at: .

Please help me get this game off the ground, so to speak.

I will be ordering 10 demo decks to show around and demo the game. So, pass the word!
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The game I have been working on, for ten years now, has had some significant developments. Most of you may remember that the working name was "Air Traffic", but I learned that name had already been taken for a game. So it is now officially know as "Radar Control".

My brother Karl, who is a graphic artist by trade, has come through with the artwork. All I can say is WOW!!! He exceeded all expectations I may have had. All the artwork is his, and here is the card back:
an action card:
an object card:
and the corresponding resolution card:
The web versions do not do the original artwork justice.

I will admit I was concerned about Karl coming through for me and I was looking for another artist. I was worried not because of his talent, but because he has had some major eye issues and I didn't know how that would effect him doing the cards. All the cards have been done and I'm waiting the word from Kickstarter to green light the project.

I am going to see if I can get some sample decks printed up for demo purposes. I plan to have a demo or two at AC and possibly other cons.

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