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School PSA
by LionkingCMSL on DeviantArt

Tiffany Tiger, from the Suburban Jungle ( ) has made another Public Service Advertisement. She is a big believer in education. This is a still from that ad.
Her message is: "Life is not a game, so do not gamble with your future. It's your move. Stay in school or get your G. E. D."

Tiffany Tiger and "The Suburban Jungle" Copyright 1999 - 2015 John "the Gneech" Robey. Tiffany is used with permission.

Tiffany is a re-skinned version of Lemurtek's Sharazad. Dress is a Poser 4 prop. The queen chess piece is from Mikeb51's chess pieces. Both Sharazad and the chess pieces can be found in the free stuff at Renderosity. The wall sections are from Mapps and Richard Photos.The money wheel and craps table are from Lyma and Jan GiGo. The wall sections and casino props can be found in the market place section of Renderosity.

Posed and rendered in Poser Pro 2014, with some touch up work done in Paint Shop Pro 8.
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This time I believe I got it. ;=3

I couldn't find any cinnamon schnapps, but I did find "FireBall" cinnamon whiskey. :=3

So I made a couple of drinks and here is the final recipe:
In a shaker glass:
Put in 3 ice cubes
1.5 oz of Fireball Whiskey
1 oz of Jack Daniels
1 oz of Orange liqueur
1 tablespoon of confectioners sugar


Pour entire contents into a Old-Fashioned Glass. Strain ice if you order it like Tiffany, "no ice".

The taste? The cinnamon hits you first, then the JD. After a bit the cinnamon lingers on the tongue. The confectioners sugar takes away the bitterness from the FireBall. :=3

Yes! The drink has been concocted! :=3

If you are at the Gneech's on 11/1/14 I will bring the ingredients to make some Razor Claws!
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The Watering Hole, Vue style
by LionkingCMSL on deviantART
As some of you know I have done the Suburban Jungle's Watering Hole in 3D and have rendered it in Bryce Pro 7.1. Well, I wanted to see how it looked when rendered with Vue Pro 2014.

I think the result is pretty amazing.

The only lights are the sun light coming in through the windows, the two booth lamps and the two florescent fixtures over the bar, part of one of which can been seen at top left.

The white panel on the lower right is the back of one of the booth benches.

The bar itself was modeled by me in AutoCadd 2000. The fire extinguisher, pay phone, TV, curtains, and flat panel register screen are models from various sources.

Rendered in Vue Pro 2014.
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Altaica, Albert and Tiffany at home
by LionkingCMSL on deviantART

This image was inspired by one of my Suburban Jungle "Classic" fan fic, from way back.

In it Tiffany "visits" my universe's star ship the Lion's Den, where Altaica is head of WeaDefSec (Weapons, Defense and Security). They meet up with Altaica's mate Albert at one point.

Here Tiffany is at Altaica's and Albert's home, and is discussing her life with Albert, as Altaica is about to get some refreshments from the kitchen and is asking what the other two tigers want.

Altaica and Tiffany are Lemurtek's Shaharazad, with Tiffany having a custom skin by me. Albert is Lemurtek's Kahn figure. Both can be gotten from the Free section at Renderosity.

Tiffany's hair is from Little Dragon, also at Renderosity.

Altaica's hair is Radiant Jaguar Hair from DAZ.

Their clothes are standard Poser items, with Altaica's being modified Poser 5 items.

The set is the Great Room and yard from DAZ's Dream House, and the furniture is from Moya's Eclectic Great Room Furniture, also from DAZ.

The sunset is from Flink.

Tiffany Tiger Copyright 1999-2014 John "the Gneech" Robey

Done is Poser Pro 14, with a bit of post processing, sharpening and contrast adjustment, done Paintshop Pro 8.

New drink?

Oct. 2nd, 2014 08:02 am
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I am transcribing some of my old Suburban Jungle fan fic from paper onto the computer. Yes, it has been a while since I wrote it. I then came across a sentence where Tiffany is thinking of ordering a "Razor Claw", but decided against it, because she doesn't know if the drink is known.

That got me thinking, "Does the drink actually exist, or did the Gneech make it up?"
So I logged onto AIM and found him online. I asked him the question and he said as far as he knew it doesn't exist. He then said he would think it would be based on cinnamon schnapps.

With that bit of a lead I decided to concoct one. I first thought of 1 oz of cinnamon schnapps, 1 oz of orange liqueur and 1 oz of Yukon Jack liqueur. The Gneech isn't a heavy imbiber, but he thought it sounded potent.

So after logging off I went downstairs to the bar to concoct one. I was on the phone with [ profile] jfox and while I knew I didn't have the schnapps, I could fake it, I found out I didn't have any Yukon Jack. :={

J asked what else I had behind the bar and I mentioned I was looking at a virgin bottle of Jack Daniels, and I thought it might be a good idea. He said perfect, that should offset the sweetness of the schnapps and liqueur. He also said to add some Grenadine for color.

So I made my version of a "Razor Claw" with this recipe:
1 oz of cinnamon schnapps
1 oz of orange liqueur (I happen to have a bottle of Siberian Tiger Likor: European Blood-Orange Liqueur, 50 proof. I thought it would be appropriate. :=3 )
1 oz of Jack Daniels Sour Mash Wiskey

Put into a shaker glass and mix.

Into a lowball glass drizzle some Grenadine, try to get the real stuff, not the stuff that is just food coloring and corn syrup)
Pour previous mix into glass slowly then gently add an ice cube, if you don't order it like Tiffany. :=3

Result? Not bad, but I definitely would have some munchies or other food around. I could see Tiffany ordering this. :=3

Remember: Only drink this if you of legal adult age in the area where you live. This recipe is for entertainment purposes only and is not to be considered an excuse to drink.
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I have bought a H-O scale movie theater and in keeping with model railroaders "honoring" friends and family I came up with this marquee:


I figure by this time Leona has accepted Tiffany's super star status and with Athena's help has gotten over her "issues".

I even converted the color Kitten Kaboodle shirt image to a movie poster. Once I get the movie theater built I will post a picture of it. :=3
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Speedster in a speedster
by *LionkingCMSL on deviantART

Dover, from The Suburban Jungle, in a speedy ride.

Dover Cheetah copyright John, the Gneech, Robey

Poser 8 and Vue 10
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of Leona singing "Santa Baby".

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Leona with background singers
by *LionkingCMSL on deviantART
Idea for an animation featuring Leona and background singers singing Eartha Kitt's "Santa Baby".

Hopefully I can get this done by Christmas 2011. :=/

Poser Pro 2012
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Hart O'Steele
by *LionkingCMSL on deviantART

Leona Lioness as Hart O'Steele from the TV series "Kitten Kaboodle". :=3

All characters from John "the Gneech" Robey's comic strip "The Suburban Jungle", which has finished its run.

Poser Pro 2012
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Leona sky diving
by *LionkingCMSL on deviantART

Leona Lioness getting some sky diving in as she practices for a stunt as Hart O'Steele.

Leona and Hart Copyright John "the Gneech" Robey.

Poser 8 and Vue 9
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by ~LionkingCMSL on deviantART

The Suburban Jungle's Tiffany Tiger helping to kick start the sale of the new book "No Predation Allowed". :=3

Tiffany and The Suburban Jungle Copyright John "the Gneech" Robey.

Poser 8
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Drive In
by ~LionkingCMSL on deviantART

A drive-in theater showing movie adaptions of FreeFall and The Suburban Jungle.

Poser 8
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I have finally been able to start a project that has been on the back burner for some time.

I finally was able to score a video/audio software suite, for $50, and am now able to animate Leona singing "I Love Rock and Roll". :=3

Remember that the following is a work in progress.

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Leona's PSA
by ~LionkingCMSL on deviantART

Not to be out done, Leona is also showing up in PSAs.

This time promoting annual check ups.

I need to follow her advice. :=/

Poser 8
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Tiffany's PSA
by ~LionkingCMSL on deviantART

Because Tiffany is now a big star and takes pride in being a role model, she has agreed to be featured in so Public Service Announcements/Ads.

Poser 8.
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The SJ Watering Hole
by ~LionkingCMSL on deviantART

The Watering Hole from the Suburban Jungle webcomic.

This version is based on sketches and advice provided by the comic's creator, John, the Gneech, Robey.

The bar and most of its fixtures were created in AutoCad 2000.
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Unused "Rowr" shot
by ~LionkingCMSL on deviantART

An unused shot for the new Rowr cover.
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Leona as Hart O'Steele:

Hart O'Steele
by ~LionkingCMSL on deviantART
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Tiffany has been doing some tool ads.

Tiffany Ad
by ~LionkingCMSL on deviantART

The ad copy reads:
"She likes it when a man has the proper tool."

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