Feb. 3rd, 2015

lionkingcmsl: (Radioshop)
I have a Sony Clie that was given to me many moons ago by [livejournal.com profile] smrgol_t_kirin.

It has 16 bit processor and I have a question about what happens when a certain point is reached.
On the Clie is a card game called "Railroad". Now from the zero a 16 bit processor can go to 65,535 and stop, or, as in the case with the game, go to 32,767 and then roll back to -32,768. Being I have done that with both total number of games played (-14,553) and games played since reset (-20,586), what happens when the counter reaches zero again? Does it keep going or does it stop at -1?

BTW, that means I have played a total of 44,950 games for a maximum score of 2,051,300 points! That is an average of 45.635 points per game average. I spend about a half hour playing the game before I go to sleep. :=3

The total number of Railroad games played by both [livejournal.com profile] smrgol_t_kirin and myself is a whopping 50,982 games.

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