May. 9th, 2015

lionkingcmsl: (Model Railroading)
Some of you may remember last year when I finally got all the cars to complete the 20 car SP Coast Daylight and groused that my bar was not the proper place to photograph it, as seen in this photo:

Just for s&g I set up the train on my 4x8 (1.2192m x 2.4384m) layout to see how it looks. Here is the photo of a 20 car train on my layout:

Well, I've been going to the Patcong Valley Model Railroad Club, which is local to me, and applied for membership. Now, before anyone yells, it will be at least 6 months before I can become a member, as they are at their membership limit, and start paying the $25 a month dues.

However, they were kind enough to say, "If you come around on Saturdays and we're not doing anything, you can run your equipment." :=3

That was on Thursday night. One of the guys was running equipment after the meeting and I asked if I could run my Daylight set. He asked if I had it with me, and I said, "Of course."

After a bit of a problem with the tri-unit diner staying coupled together we got everything on the move and it became readily apparent that the train is very heavy and the stock BLI GS-4 will not haul it. So we spliced in a club owned E8, after the GS-4, and it was off and running. However it became apparent that the club layout doesn't like 20 lighted cars on one train. Every so often the overload buzzer would sound and everything would shut down for a moment or two.

Here is a photo of just the GS-4 and the 20 car train:
The observation car has just cleared the fascia board in the background.

After running that a bit and realizing it was more problems that it was worth I got out my 4 car P-RSL Budd RDC set, from Walthers and Life-Like Proto 1000. The end cars are the newer Walthers units, while the middle ones are the older Life-Like ones.The end cars have people in the seats. Here is a photo of the cars running:

So, with the Daylight I have a place to run it. I also have a MTH GS-4, with traction tires, that could possibly haul it. If not, I'll double head the two GS-4s, as the SP did on occasion. :=3

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