Jun. 9th, 2015

lionkingcmsl: (Model Railroading)
Here is a short video of the 17 car Coast Daylight near "Summit" of the Patcong Valley Model RR Club:

The train is being pulled by a set of PA-PB-PA units. The tri-unit diner is missing from the train as it was being a "problem child". The problem of the shorting of the layout disappeared; partly due to he fact I oiled all of the cars' journals (bearings) and not running sound equipped steam locomotives. The locos are Life-Like Proto 2000 units, with only the two A units powered.

I did get the tri-unit diner in the consist, and the PAs pulled the train without problem.

In the background you can see two of the members of the club. The gentleman on the left, in the orange shirt, is Gene and I've become his defacto second on signal related problems. :=3

The unfinished area will become a city/seaside scene which is now under construction.

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