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Maggie, my 21 year old pussy cat, passed away at ~5:10p on Thursday, Feb. 16, 2017. A day which, coincidentally, is my brother Bob's 56th birthday.

I fed her one last time, with baby food at 4:15p, but there was no muscle resistance or reflex movement, even when brushing her ears.

She died laying in front of a heater with a towel on her for warmth. She died at home with the sounds, sights, and scents that she knew so well.

I will have her cremated, so she will be with me always, as Katrina is.

My house is now just a house and no longer a home, as the warmth and love that Maggie brought is no longer here. She was a saint in the form of a cat.
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As much as it pains me to make this post, I have to.

I do not believe that she will be with me much longer. She is not eating or drinking, she has gotten lethargic and lost weight. I had her to the vet yesterday and the diagnosis was kidney failure. she said it was not surprising for a cat 21 years old. This was different vet and the staff was surprised at her age and how well behaved she was.

Maggie is putting on a brave front: jumping into my bed earlier this morning and, as I am typing this,she jumped into my lap. She is not using the litter box much, and when she does use it very little is there.She has drool coming from her mouth. She is not showing external signs of pain, but I know she is in discomfort. The past few days she has sat around yowling and crying for no obvious, to me, reason. Even if I had the money I would not go for "heroic" measures to lengthen her life. It would not be fair or kind to her, and it would be very selfish of me to do so.

She has been part of my life for the last 16 years and I will miss her. As anyone who has visited the den will attest she is laid back, very tolerant and gentle.

Even though I have had a cat in the den for the past 20 years,the first was Katrina, I will not be getting a third cat. I will miss having another living presence in the den, it will feel empty, but I also feel that I might be doing a third cat a disservice. That being said, if I do decide to get another cat I will adopt an adult cat; like Katrina and Maggie.
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A big thanks to everyone that donated, especially a certain wolf (he knows who he is). I was able to pay my bill and have some left over to cover other expenses. You are all too kind.

Thanks again.
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Well, 2017 has not started off great guns. :=/

I have a few irons in the fire, but no firm offers.

I talked to the head of Communications at Amtrak,and he told me that I have basically no chance of getting back into radio, but he does not think I've been "black balled" at Amtrak.

I talked to the owner of the CMSL and he is getting things set up for me to take my physical and drug test next week.

I also have an application in at Domino's Pizza as a driver, but no word on whether they have filled that position.

Here is a problem though: my insurance bill is due on Monday and I need ~$200 to pay it. I know I've worn out my welcome by "begging" for money, with a lot of folks, but now I have a car, and I need to keep it on the road.

If you feel like helping use PayPal and lionking (at)

If you do help out I promise I'll do my best to pay everyone back, though it may take some time.

Thank you all for your support.
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LionkingCMSL on DeviantArt

Jessie, from Nine to Nine ( ), from the creative pen of , on her motorcycle riding through the woods.

As always, my 3D CGI versions of characters will not be exact duplicates of their creator's versions due to limitations of the models, model availability and my lack of skill. That being said I hope I came close to Jan's vision of Jessie.

Jessie Copyright Jan (Tigerknight Comics)
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Being everyone else is migrating to here, I'll see what it is like and possibly move here too.

My LJ stuff, except the pics, have been migrated over to here.
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I thought I would do a year in review post.
All in all I am not sorry to see 2016 end. It had more downs and ups.
The downs:
Losing too many friends and family to death this year.
Losing my power on April 11th due to lack of payment. This was due to confusion on who was paying the bill.
Losing my truck on May 11th, because I couldn't make the payments. note that I am not angry at the finance company. They did what they were obligated to do, and they went far above the call of duty to try to keep the truck with me.
No employment prospects for most of the year. Any job interviews I went on got no further than that.
My ex-boss getting shot at his own house, by state police, in a mistaken identity incident.
Colucci Lumber burning to the ground.

The ups:
Some very nice people not only supplied me with solar panels, they bought me a 4.2Kw generator. These same people have given me money for gas and have taken me to the supermarket.
My ex-boss recovering fully from his wounds.
There was no loss of life or serious injury during the Colucci fire, and no homes were touched by the fire.
My ex-boss buying me a 10K BTU kero heater and supplying me with kero so far this winter.
UPS hiring me for the lead up to Christmas as a "Driver's Helper". This ended on 12/23/16. There is a possibility that they may hire me full time.
The same ex-boss selling me is car for $5.00, as previously noted, so I have a set of wheels so I can apply for jobs.
Last, but by no means least, the many friends that have supported me, in different ways, in the past 2 and a half years.

Here is hoping that 2017 is a much better year, not only for me, but for every one.

New wheels

Dec. 16th, 2016 10:55 am
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My new set of wheels
by LionkingCMSL on DeviantArt

Some of you know that back in May I lost my truck to repossession.

I have been without a vehicle since then. Last Friday I called a friend and asked if he had a spare vehicle he would let go cheap (< $250). He said his wife and he were thinking of selling his daily drive, a 2001 Mercury Gran Marquis GS with 255,000 miles. I have ridden in the car, I know that the maintenance was kept up on it, so I asked, "How much?" I almost needed the medics when he said five dollars. :=3

The body is not perfect, but for a 15 year old car with 255,000 miles on it, it is in pretty good shape.

I have the title and the car and tomorrow I will get it fully legal so I can drive it.

So the lion has a new set of wheels, that no-one can take from him.
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Thanksgiving dinner for one
by LionkingCMSL on DeviantArt

My Thanksgiving dinner which consisted of a .75lb turkey breast, whole kernel corn, green beans, cranberry sauce, a mug of Pepsi and some champagne.

I do not have fancy candlesticks so a beer bottle fills in.

And here is Maggie today:

by LionkingCMSL on DeviantArt

Maggie will be 21 in February.

Not bad look for a cat her age. She still has all her teeth, good eyesight, great hearing, and her fur is still soft. She does suffer from a bit arthritis though.
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On Tuesday, Nov. 22, 2016 at 1pm I have to report to the UPS center in Lawnside, NJ for orientation as a driver's helper!

That's right, I finally got a job after 2.25 years! It is seasonal, but I was told I would probably be hired permanently after the season ends. The nearest UPS facility, and the place I would be working is less than 5 miles away.

So this Thanksgiving I something to be really thankful for. :=3
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by LionkingCMSL on DeviantArt

Here we have Dr. Cyntia Forbes, M.D. (cheetah) and Estelle Manor, R.N., BSN (white-tailed deer) walking through a space station corridor.

Both characters are mine from a series of stories I have written.
An interesting factoid is that Estelle is named for a town near me, Estelle Manor, NJ, which is located in what we locals call "the deer woods", because of the large population of white-tailed deer. :=3

The Mekron set is from "Scoopey", over at Renderosity, which I have recolored. The figures are Melody from LittleFox and Capsces. Clothing from different sources.

Posed and rendered in Poser Pro 2014.
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Long time no post. :=3

First of all a month ago (Sept. 27th) I completed my 59th orbit around Sol. In a year I can retire, but retire from what?

I'm still in a holding pattern as far as jobs go. I've applied various places, but no one is interested in hiring me. A lack of transportation is a major issue, as I can't travel too far.

So, you may ask, how do I get around. Three ways: Underwater Tiger sometimes lets me borrow his truck, I walk, and I drive my yard tractor around town. :=3

People ask how I am surviving. Well, you may remember my power was shut off on April 11th. Some very nice people gave me some solar panels, and an ex-boss bought more of the same type. Those same nice people even bought me a 3200 watt generator! I did not ask for that, but they got me one anyway. They also drive me to the supermarket where I can buy groceries using "Food Stamps".

The same ex-boss bought me a 10,000 BTU kerosene heater to keep Maggie warm. He loves my cat, so he says everything he does is for Maggie. :=3

Actually, Jerry is a hell of a nice guy and he considers me almost family.

I also do odd jobs to get some money for non-food items. Various people have sent me things to make my life easier.

What do I need to get my power restored? About $6100.00 to pay off the back bill. Yes, you read that right; over six thousand dollars.

As bad off as I am I realize that it could be worse, so I take it one day at a time.

To reiterate, I'm not depressed, though I am concerned about different things.
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As anyone who has been to my den may remember Colucci Lumber at the end of my road. It was the landmark I gave to let you know where to turn onto my street.

Well, I can't use it any more as it burnt to the ground yesterday afternoon. :={

Here is a news broadcast and I'm the first one interviewed in the video:
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Before I forget I want to thank everyone who donated so I could get to Philly last week.

It was greatly appreciated.
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Well, that was interesting.

As I had posted earlier yesterday I had to go to Philadelphia to a NS hiring session, to which I was invited.

I was dressed in a suit, arrived in plenty of time and had everything ready.

We, 22 of us, sat through a presentation about NS and what we could expect being a conductor.

After a short break we took a 88 question test that was timed. I finished in plenty of time, and then waited for a list of people that they wanted to interview to be posted. While there I met a gentleman who used to work for Amtrak at Sunnyside Yard and he remembered me. I also met a couple other railroaders, so it was interesting to trade stories.

Well the list was posted and can you guess who was *not* on the list of ten people they wanted to interview. If you guessed me, you are correct; so it is back to square one as of right now.

Before you ask, they do not tell you why you were not selected. :=/
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While I am normally loathe to ask for money, this time I am compelled to do so.

On Wednesday,the 20th of July, I have to be in Philadelphia, PA for the Norfolk Southern job fair, as noted in the previous post.

While I will have a vehicle to get there I need money for tolls, gas, and for kitty litter for Maggie.

If you want to help use PayPal and the lionking @ e-mail addy.

I pray everything goes well on Wednesday.
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in an e-mail subject line does not inspire confidence and smells like a scam.

However, when the first paragraph of said e-mail reads:
" We appreciate your interest in Norfolk Southern and the Conductor position in Philadelphia, PA. After reviewing your
application, we would like to invite you to participate in the next step of our recruiting process. For further
consideration, please arrive promptly at the following time and location:
your attitude changes rather quickly. :=3

So, on the 20th of this month at 8am in Philadelphia I will be meeting face to face with a Norfolk Southern rep and possibly even get an interview.

The only concern I have is that I may have to spend up to 6 months(!) in Roanoke, VA. That is a long time to be away from my house.
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This time with a bit of good news.

With some help from an ex-boss I have limited power at my house.
Using 6 solar panels, 24V-12Vpower converter (part of the solar panel package), 2 batteries, a 2000 watt power inverter, and required wiring I have limited 120V power so I can get on the net and charge things.

Granted it is not pretty, but I have something.

One bit of weird news is I found a beer bottle on my side deck this morning. I wonder if someone thought the house was empty due to the overgrown lawn. I'm glad they didn't try to come inside.

Update: I checked the beer bottle after I got home, I was using someone's internet connection before, and I found it was a full unopened bottle of Rolling Rock beer. Maybe someone left me a way to unwind. :=3
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I guess it is time for an update.

It's been two and a half months without power and one and half months without a vehicle.

I have job applications out, but nothing has come through. I've had three first interviews, but that is as far as I got.

This is not living, it is existing.

Many thanks go out to Underwater Tiger ( [ profile] u_t_tiger ) for shuttling me back and forth from my place to his so I can keep things charged and access the web more easily. I don't have use of his truck for the time being as it is in need of some repair work and inspection.
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LionkingCMSL on DeviantArt

A scene I would like to really do.

Altaica, Leo and I enjoying a camping trip in the woods.

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