Mar. 7th, 2015

lionkingcmsl: (hardday)
It seems that my e-mail addys over at have been "Administratively locked". I have not received a bill from them, so I don't know why, and with no phone I can't call to find out why until Monday morning, when I can go over to G&G and use their phones.

EDIT: I just got an e-mail back from them saying they couldn't process my credit card info back on March 2nd, and it didn't go through. They did apologize for not giving me notice earlier about the possible lock out.

So now I'm waiting to see how much the bill is and see if I can scrape that much together to pay it. :=/
lionkingcmsl: (Trained lion)
Well, as mentioned it was the credit card not going through that locked my accounts.

I just got the bill and it is $240 for the 4 e-mail accounts I have through them for a year.

I am so S*****d. :={

Not even my state return will be that much, and I have no idea when it will come through. The state of New Jersey takes their sweet time in processing refunds. :={

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