Sep. 8th, 2015

lionkingcmsl: (Trained lion)
for me owning the truck.

I need ~$2,000 to make the payments by Sept. 13. I could probably get by with less, but I should get the payments up to date.

I am not asking for money, or even making a suggestion for a donation. I owe too many people many dollars as it is.

So, in that light I will be calling the finance company next Monday and say they might as well come get the truck. That leaves me with a bicycle to get around.

I can see no way to raise that amount of money, even if I started selling my model RR equipment; the lead time is too short.

Also be advised unless a few miracles happen I will probably not being going to cons from now on.

I realize how big a mistake and how big a fool I was to leave my job back in July of last year.

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